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Hi everyone!

Murray and Roofus are doing well!! Thank you so much for taking care of our furbabies while they were sick. They are back to their normal selves and happy to be home, snuggled on the couch. While we hope we never have to make a trip back, if we do, we know we'll be in good hands! We also would recommend you to anyone in a heartbeat! A special thanks to Dr. Francis and her Monday night team! You guys made us feel at ease leaving our boys there over night! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Carla, Matt, Murray, and Roofus F.



Dear AEH,

Thank you for following up on how Rex is doing. He is improving every day. First 48 hours were ROUGH! Thank you for being open on a Saturday night!! I can't imagine how it would have been if he had had to wait until normal business hours! You run a great and very important business!

Doug & Julie R.



"Hi Everybody!

It's Bruno, I was in two weeks ago, and I wanted to send you a couple photos of my handsome self & let you know how I was doing after my scary bout with PANCREATITIS :( My family & I wanted to thank you so much for the great care that I got, I am going to be celebrating my 7th birthday next week, and if it were not for you guys & your 24 hour service, I may not have made it! I am definitely back to my normal sweet self, my dad is my favorite toy, and I cannot wait for him to get home from work every day.  Mom is cool too, but she is more my snuggle buddy.  I always make sure that they don't forget to take me on my morning walk & my evening walk so I don't get fat. My brother Tiny was glad to have me home too, but I think he kind of liked being the only dog for a night because I had to stay overnight in the hospital.  I even had to wear the cone of shame, but I am pretty manly, and I handled it OK. Anyway, I am very glad that I am done taking my pills, even though I miss that chicken & rice mom was making for me.  I also miss being fed from mom & dad's plates, but they said that I have to be happy with DOG treats & DOG food which totally doesn't make sense since I am not a dog. I hope I at least get a dog friendly cake for my birthday! So thanks again, even though I don't ever want to come back there!"

Bruno S.


"Hey guys!


It's been 3 weeks since Freya came and had a sleepover. She is doing SO much better!! Her hair is growing back in all of her shaved spots very well. Her cuts have shrunk in size immensely!  None of the deep wounds ever got infected. I know it's because she received such great care from you ladies the first 48 hours. And then the care package you sent home with her for the following weeks. Local vet added another antibiotic and gave us antiseptic to flush her wounds. She has the best spirit ever. She's back to herself, wanting me to play tug of war with her popped basketball. She’s been getting so spoiled and loved on so much. Freya and I just want to thank all of you wonderful ladies from the bottom of our hearts. I never thought she would be the same again after she was attacked. You took such great care of her overnight and helped make me feel at ease as we took her home. I'll never forget your kindness."


Kalynn S.


"Dear AEH,

Minnow ate well this morning, some dry and wet food. The extra pain med you gave us helped and he is so happy this morning. Purring and not hiding. Here is a picture of him and his brother, Nacho.

Thank you for loving my kitty as much as I do. I appreciate all of your help!!!!"

Linda S.


"Dear AEH,

First of all, I want to THANK YOU so much for your help with our Dog-Daughter Daisy. We were planning a 2-week summer vacation to the east coast.  We didn't want to bother family or friends to watch our dog because we are going to be gone longer than a normal week vacation. We decided to try out a doggy daycare center that a bunch of our friends recommended. A few weeks before we were supposed to go on vacation we took our baby to the daycare center for a few hours to be evaluated. We dropped her off and went running errands. We go back to pick her up and right in front of us out of nowhere our dog was attacked by another big dog. They finally got the dog off my 5 pound baby then took her in the back to check her out and she was really torn up and had puncture wounds. Our vet was closed and we rushed her to your clinic. After undergoing surgery, she had received stitches and a drain tube. They told us she might have to undergo a few more surgeries but if we were lucky we would be good. We were not lucky. Her skin died off and she had to have another surgery to remove the dead skin she was going to have an open wound with some stitches. With the open wound, we would have to come back daily to have bandage changes. After many daily visits, we were finally released to go to our vet. After many visits to our vet, we were just released last week and giving the all clear that Daisy is able to resume normal activity. This has been 5 long weeks but without your help and guidance, I am sure my baby would not have made it. I THANK YOU so much for your time and sincere appreciation of animals. She is a huge part of our family. We had to hold off on vacation but it is well worth it to know our baby made it. AGAIN, I can't THANK YOU enough for all you did. THANK YOU! "

Missy N.


"Dear AEH,

I wanted to thank you all for your excellent care of my new English Bulldog Pup, Ruby. I brought my 9 week old little girl into your hospital after I had (unknowingly) poisoned her with grapes, and you all were great.  You did what needed to be done to try and ensure that Ruby would have a good outcome. While I felt terrible and guilty for possibly hurting my puppy, I knew that she was being loved on and cared for, which made it a little easier to have her in your care for the weekend.

 Thank you for doing what you do, and for being so passionate about our fur babies. I hope to never need you again, but if I do, I am so glad that you are here."

Sarah W.



"Dear AEH,

Thistle is already doing much better...she was nervous when we first arrived, but she immediately felt comfortable around your staff. Everyone did a great job helping us. She is only 3 months old & we've only had her a month, so we were pretty upset, but your staff put us at ease as well.

Thank you,"

Ursula & Gideon R.



"Dear AEH,

Thank you so much for helping me last night. My parents were so worried about me but today I am doing much better. Thank you for making me feel better and taking such good care of me while I was sick. Your staff were so sweet to me and I can't thank everyone enough.



Kylee W.






"To all the wonderful staff at AEH:

Thank you so much for how you took care of Perry & us. Perry is doing really well. Your care & kindness were such a gift! Thank you so much!!"

Carol & Joe N.


"Dear AEH,

Thank you for taking such good care of Brinklee! Earlier this week, we were so worried about her. She was extremely lethargic and she wasn't eating or drinking. We were so sad to have to leave her overnight, but we knew she was in good hands. Thank you for providing us with updates and letting us know how she was doing throughout her whole stay. As you can see, she is back to her normal energetic self- always ready to play and keeping diligent watch for squirrels! Thank you again to everyone at AEH!"

Cody & Laura E.