Emergency Services
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We understand that you are visiting our hospital during a stressful time as your loved one is likely experiencing an unexpected illness or injury.  Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible by letting you know what to expect when you visit our hospital.

  • First, you will be greeted by our friendly receptionist.  The receptionist will ask you for general information regarding you and your pet.


  • A highly trained member of our medical team will assess your pet to be sure that he or she is stable enough to remain with you in the reception area. This initial triage will be repeated, as needed, to assure that your pet remains stable. 
  • Our patients are treated on a first come first served basis, but are then triaged according to the patients’ medical needs. This may mean that a patient brought into the building after you may receive care prior to your pet. We thank you for your patience while we attend to our most critical patients first.
  • If there is a concern that your pet is unstable, they will be escorted directly to the treatment area to be examined by one of our staff veterinarians. We understand that it can be very stressful to be separated from your pet. We will only separate you from your pet if their condition dictates immediate intervention. If your pet needs to remain in the ICU for treatment, such as oxygen supplementation, a staff member will return to give you an update as soon as possible. If the doctor examines your pet and decides that they do not need to remain in the treatment area, you will be reunited with your pet right away.
  • Once your information is in the computer and a room is available, a veterinary assistant will take your pet’s vital signs and gather a history regarding your pet’s current problem.
  • The veterinarian will examine your pet and give specific recommendations regarding diagnostic tests or treatment. The doctor will prepare a treatment plan that contains an estimate for each service recommended, and the assistant will review the plan with you in detail. We will work hard to stay within your budget while providing optimal care for your pet.
  • If your pet’s condition requires hospitalization, rest assured we will make their stay as comfortable as possible.  Depending on the size of your pet and the level of care required, he or she may stay in a cage located directly in the treatment area or a spacious run.  For those pets who dislike being in a cage, we provide them with a special place near the doctor’s work station so that they can rest comfortably.  We provide every pet with a comfortable bed and excellent nursing care.
  • We encourage you to call at any time during your pet’s hospitalization for an update on his or her progress.  A doctor or the technician assigned to care for your pet will be happy to give you a detailed update.


  • If you would like to leave a personal item with your pet, we encourage you to do so.  Please understand that the item may become soiled due to your pet’s illness.
  • We will make every effort to accommodate visits with your pet while they are hospitalized.  All visits will take place in our visitation room in order to prevent interference with the care of our other critical patients.  The time of your visit may be limited depending on your pet’s condition and space availability. 
  • We do not allow any visitation with pets housed in isolation in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases to our other patients. For our full visitation policy, refer to the document below.
  • We will call your regular veterinarian each morning and provide an update on your pet’s progress.


  • Once your pet is discharged, you will receive detailed discharge instructions, as well as a copy of the full medical record.  In addition, we will fax a full medical record directly to your veterinarian to facilitate a seamless transition from our care to the care of your veterinarian.
  • Thank you for entrusting your beloved pet to our care. Our staff feels privileged to be a part of your pets’ healthcare team. We hope you never need emergency service again, but if you should, we are here for you!