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Dog with pink cast laying on examination table

Referring Veterinarians

Staff with dog at Animal Emergency Hospital

Collaborating To Provide Top-Notch Care

If you are a veterinarian seeking a specific service, feel free to call and ask about our tailored treatment plans. Our veterinarians also enjoy consulting with you on your difficult cases. We understand that you are busy with regular appointments while seeing emergency cases and are happy to help you in any way possible.

To refer a patient to our hospital, please email us at [email protected], or fax (616-361-3939) us the completed Case Referral Form. Click the link below to download your form!

Case Referral Form

We Value Collaborating with You!

We are available 24 hours daily for an emergency case consultation. Let us know if your patient should be monitored overnight. We can work together to tailor a treatment plan specific to your patient's needs. We provide a free examination and consult for any patient transferred to us from your hospital. We can help if your patient needs:

  • 24-hour hospitalization/monitoring:

    Overnight monitoring on intravenous fluids

    Oxygen support (nasal cannulas, oxygen cages)

    Oxygenated incubator to support neonates or exotics

  • Diagnostic imaging:


    Barium study


  • In-house 24-hour complete diagnostic laboratory services:

Complete Blood Count (CBC) and Chemistry Profiles


Venous Blood Gas

ELISA testing

Coagulation testing

Phenobarbital Levels

Bile Acids

  • Blood transfusions:

Fresh Frozen Plasma

Whole Blood

Packed Red Blood Cells

Blood pressure monitoring

  • Chest taps/chest tube placement

  • Emergency surgery

  • Ethylene Glycol antidote

  • Cholecalciferol toxicity treatment

  • Intralipid Emulsion (ILE) therapy

  • Exotic patient care